After 25 years in the market, the results are the most important factor, and the ones obtained by AZUD DRIP have been excellent for this period of time. Therefore, nowadays is one of the best selling turbulent flow driplines in the world, leader in more than 20 countries.

The key for its success is based on long-lasting and highly homogeneous irrigation and its high resistance to clogging.


  1. DS Technology.
    Top protection against clogging.

  2. Higher uniformity.

  3. Resistance and easy handling.

  4. Wide filtration area with resistance to clogging.
    It avoids the intrusion of particles in the dripper.


  • Ø 16
  • Ø 20

1.6L – 2.2L – 4L

Nominal Thickness
0.9 mm – 1 mm

2.2L – 3.4L

Nominal Thickness
1 mm – 1.2 mm

Additional Info.

  • For irrigation in intensive crops.
  • For tree explotations.
  • For irrigation in greenhouses.