Automatic hydraulic screen filters suitable for all applications, available in a wide range of micron sizes, all with the same high quality guarantee of AZUD.


  1. Energy efficient.
    The consumption during the flushing cycle is minimal.

  2. Wide selection of screens.
    From 80 to 1.000 micron.

  3. Versatility.
    From 4” to 12”.

  4. Resistance.
    Temperatures to 60ºC.

  5. Large screen area.
    Up to 12.000 cm2.

  6. Resistant material.
    The screen is manufactured in high quality stainless steel.

  7. Time saving.
    The filtration process and the flushing cycle occur simultaneously.

  8. Easy instalation.
    The filters are delivered to be installed.

Additional Info.

AZUD LUXON filters continue to supply filtered water even during the flushing cycle.

The water flows into the filter through a pre-filter, and then to the inside of the filter element.

The water then passes through the screen and the particles are retained on the inside of the filter element. The filtered water then flows out through the outlet manifold.

When the pressure differential reaches the pre-selected level, the flushing cycle starts.  A hydraulic valve opens in the drain port, activating the AZUD FLEX PROTECT System which generates an helical movement along the screen to vacuum up the captured particles from the screen.  The captured solids are expelled out the drain port.

The length of the flush cycle is pre-determined by the control unit.  When the cycle is complete the flush valve closes and the flushing ends. The flushing process uses a minimal amount of water.